1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon

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1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon. Before we get to the drills swimming newcomers the so-called adult-onset swimmers may benefit from learning some quick terminology in the drills that you may not immediately understand. 10 minutes Alternate 1 minute hard at Zone 4 1-minute easy recovery spin at Zone 1 On the hard interval-alternate between a higher cadence of around 100 rpm and a lower cadence of around 75 wherein you will be working the heavier gears.

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Take at least 20 seconds rest between each 100. Weve got you covered. Additionally the cumulative fatigue from the the run in particular stifles swim progress.

Propulsion and Power Swim Warm-up.

Here is a suggestion. Swim intervals for beginners. 15 mins steady 2 x 15mins at your approx 1-hour race pace 3 mins recovery 15 mins steady Straight into run 30 minutes fast at first 10 mins at your approx half-marathon race pace 20 mins easy jog. Here is a suggestion.