10 For 10 Workout

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10 For 10 Workout. They will be showing us how a little exercise every day can make a big difference. Set your timer for the number of minutes X recommended and choose a weight you can perform 10 repetitions with.

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In this workout youll only be performing 5 reps. In this video Sarah Wingo from Pure Barre demonstrates a 10-minute barre workout that will strengthen your upper body and abs. Every Monday to Friday for the next three weeks Gráinne Bleasdale and Micheál Ó Ciaraidh are getting active while having fun for 10 minutes every morning at 10 oclock and again at 3pm on RTÉjr.

The following exercises are my personal favorite 10 exercises that would be fantastic to include in your workouts.

When to Use Light vs. 5 Push-Ups 10 Squats 16 Plank Taps 20 Jumping Jacks Rest 45 seconds This workout can be modified to fit your fitness levelfocus on minimizing your rest if you. Heavy Weights Start in lunge position holding 2 to 3-pound dumbbells with back heel on the ground. 2 miles 4 x 1 mile Six weeks out from your 10K advance to the following workout.