15 Minute Stairmaster Workout

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15 Minute Stairmaster Workout. Start slow and warm up. You can repeat the sequences 3-4 times depending on how many intervals you include in each one.

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Start small with 10-15 minutes of work then add more in five-minute increments until you reach 30-40 minutes. Then climb stairs for a minute by skipping a step. This turns the machine from an awesome cardio workout to a postural nightmare says Bareham.

Stair stepper training is a cardio killer workout hands down.

Climbing stairs are more efficient than plain walking. Continuous Aerobic Activity 5 minutes. 15 Minute StairMaster Workout 5 Minute StairMaster Warm Up Hold each movement for 60 seconds taking 20 seconds to transition between positions. After that increase the speed and sprint for about half a minute.