1600m Training Workouts

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1600m Training Workouts. Then run 10 to 20-second hill reps 800m to 1600m race effort. Middle distance runners need to do a variety of aerobic workouts often to achieve success.

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If you are not sure when to do these workouts or if you would like to follow a training schedule check out my 1600m3200m training program. A common workout 3 4x 1600m at 10K-pace with a work-to-rest ratio of 112. 2x 600-1000-600 surging 200s 37-47-37-etc.

Jog 600m between sets.

For 5K runners 10K-paced intervals serve as direct endurance support. Suggested workouts Pace is most important Repeat 12-20min at or slightly faster than LT pace 2 x 12min or 1 x 20min10min recov 1 x 12min Use Vigil Charts Sustained runs of 30-60min just slower than LT pace 40min run 15sec per mile slower than LT pace Fartlek 3-8mile run 3k pace surges. 2x 600-1000-600 surging 200s 37-47-37-etc. In the same season Coe ran 3297.