18 Minute Workout Women's Health

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18 Minute Workout Women's Health. Alternating Lunges Plank Tucks Pike Push Ups Mountain Climbers Triangle Push Ups Burpees Plank Lateral Plank. Set Up for the Bent Over Row.

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The target pulse rate zone for a 18 year old male to burn fat during light to moderate exercise is 101 to 139 beats per minute 1. Ab Crunch 1 minute. Trainer Charlee Atkins developed this quick no-equipment butt and thigh workout as part of Womens Healths 30-day total-body fitness challenge.

This exercise range corresponds to 50 to 69 of the maximum target rate for your age.

STEP 1 5 Minutes Set Plan for Day. Ab Crunch 1 minute. Womens Health 28 Day Fat Torch with Hannah Eden. Soothe the Aches and Pains.